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Puppies are born !!!!!!

von Olaf Weise newborn 2013

Our puppies are born on 24.Nov.2013 .We have 5 boys and 3 girls .All of them are born without any dewclaws and this is our second litter from BTWW Invincible without dewclaws!!

new puppies in von olaf weise kennel

We have 5 boys and 3 girls!!!! They are all very well, beautiful and full of energy just like their parents. They all have excellent pigmentation (since from birth), black lips, mouths, paws, and skin around the ears. Even their nails are becoming black like of their parents. As they are coming from the best working bloodlines they will be excellent dogs for any aspect of sport - ipo program, agility, avalanche dogs, therapy dogs or any other. Also we are breeding them in family environment with our kids and rest of our dogs so they will have high level of socialization when they become ready for their new homes. One thing is for shore, you will never get fearful or shy dog from our litters. This pup's doesn't have any sign of  megaesopfegus disease in 4 generation!!! There is no common ancestry found in five generation. As their parents and all the other ancestry from their pedigree are exceptionally successful dogs and one of the best on the world at the Dog shows we can expect the same from this litter. Much more about our puppy's you can see on their pedigrees or following the names under

new litter in von olaf weise kennel - 2013

Pedigree of our puppies        

Long pedigree
puppies for sale

Some of the ancestors:

Boys Girls
1. Whyland von Olaf Weise( reserved) 6. Walkyrie von Olaf Weise( reserved)
2. Wolfenstein von Olaf Weise (reserved) 7.Wenona von Olaf Weise(reserved)
3. WindGate von Olaf Weise (reserved) 8. Willa von Olaf Weise ( still free)
4. Winslow von Olaf Weise (still free )  
5. Woodrow von Olaf  Weise (stil free)  









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